Which stand type do I have at my exhibition?

Please refer to your Exhibitor Welcome Pack or contact your event organiser. The pack should outline the stand type, dimensions and highlight any stand add-ons that are available for your particular event.

Can I hang or stick anything on the stand walls?

No. Please do not use any adhesive products on the walls, such as tape, sticky adhesive or stickers. Please browse our range of hanging accessories, specifically designed to be used with our range of exhibition booths to reduce damage to our stands.

What is the damage waiver I have been charged?

The damage waiver is a compulsory none-refundable 9%, and is a standard fee chargeable in the furniture and equipment hire industry. The charge covers the costs associated with furniture and equipment wear and tear. The damage waiver does not insure the goods against misue or theft of the goods while in your care.

When is the furniture delivered?

Your order will be delivered to the venue of your exhibition or conference prior to he nominated bump in day. Rest assured when you arrive to set up your stand, your hire goods will be in your stand. Any items requiring assembly will have been assembled in preparation for your arrival.

What do I do with the hired furniture and equipment once the conference is finished?

Please leave the items positioned in your stand, and we'll come in and disassemble and pack them up at the nominated bump out day and time.

Do I need to order power? What if my stand comes with lighting?

The power entitlements vary from venue to venue, however, it is a standard practise to prearrange power for your site. If your stand package comes with lighting, you will not need to order power for the included lights. Please contact your event organiser to confirm your power requirements. Refer to the wattage information on your appliance to ascertain the strength of the power point you need.

Will you set up AV, lighting or electrical equipment?

No, the hire of these items does not include the installation. You will need to arrange for the installation of these items independantly. The event organiser will be able to provide the contractors available to arrange with this.

Can I plug directly into the power lead on top of my stand?

These electrical sockets are for Expo Solutions to utilise only, and are the power supply to the stands. Please contact your event organiser to arrange power supply to your booth.