Temporary Exhibition Centres

Need extra exhibition space in a hurry? Or do you need a show-stopping space, designed to inspire, quickly and efficiently, due to a planned rebuild or renovation? 

Are you intending to hold a temporary exhibition soon, but your location has some difficult features, or linked to an existing building? Australian Temporary Solutions is designed to meet your requirements, and can provide you with temporary exhibition space that will have your exhibitors lining up.

A semi-permanent exhibition hall or exhibition building can be placed at any desired location. It is made completely to order and in accordance with your specification and requirements, for the operational time you want.

9 reasons WHY you need temporary exhibition space:

• Extremely short delivery and construction time
• Operational life from a few months to several years
• Fully insulated
• Sustainable: Fully demountable and reusable
• Modular: Flexible dimensions and design
• Easy to partition
• Appearance and qualities of a permanent building
• Turnkey solutions from concept and execution to handover
• Hire, purchase or lease options available