Your exhibition space is a powerful tool for your business and preparation is key to maximising your time and capturing the attention of potential, new or existing customers. It is essential to have an appreciation of the costs associated with exhibiting. Take some time to review the Expo Solutions preparation guide when planning your stand.


Exhibition Space

Your space will vary depending on the venue, your chosen space and location within the venue. Ensure you factor in any additional items your business may require such as additional lighting.


Fit Out

Factor the costs in to fill your space with the furniture and accessories required. Many businesses choose to hire the furniture from the exhibition organiser however if your business plans to utilise its own ensure you factor in transportation costs.



Factor in the costs associated with producing new signage if your businesses signage is old, damaged or no longer suitable. Expo Solutions has a variety of signage options for hire as well as graphics available to display on your booth.


Additional Costs

Consider if your venue will on-charge additional electricity usage and access to the internet.


AV Equipment

Will your business require a large TV screen or laptop for use in the booth? Again these are items that can be hired and set up by Expo Solutions for you.



Will your business require the design and print of collateral to hand out? Also consider costs associated with producing gifts / promotional items and samples to be distributed at the exhibition. Will there be associated costs with pre-event marketing to promote your attendance at the exhibition?



Will you be required to pay staff overtime for their time at the exhibition? Consider also travel, accommodation, meal and uniform allowances. Will there be additional promotional staff required?

Define your exhibition goals and objectives

Setting clear goals and objectives for your time at the exhibition will ensure you can measure and determine the success of your investment. This will assist in making decisions around the size and type of booth space you require, the fit out and signage required to best support your business in achieving its goals and objectives.

Example of exhibition goals and objectives:

  • Launch new product series
  • Complete a minimum of 1,200 live demos
  • Introduce business to the wholesale channel. Build database of at least 200 new warm prospects
  • Promote the businesses to the market and ensure the company’s positioning is heavily promoted
  • Re-establish the business as the market expert
  • Generate $20,000 in sales
  • Complete min of 150 customer surveys
    Establish stronger relationships with existing customers
  • Conduct market research such as industry trends and surveys to test perceptions